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Whoa! You have not reached this website by mistake! You have reached Your Guide Through College, the website that is exactly as the title says, a guide to help you get through tons of online information about college.

There is everything from financial aid to choosing majors to helping with getting along with a roommate. You can find all your answers to your questions about college life in one place, no matter what stage of the game you are in: High School, Undergraduate, Graduate, Non-traditional, or Online Education. This website makes degree completion easier, successful, and a joy as you reach an important milestone in your journey to a prosperous future. Let’s take a look:

Everything you need to know in one place!

Closing a past; starting a future. Leaving the familiar is never easy, but embracing a new pathway can be both exciting and challenging. A degree from a higher learning institution is just that kind of new pathway. So, take a deep breath, commit yourself to the research, and plan out that college experience while you complete your high school junior and senior years! Read More
Being Successful as a College Student Congratulations! You are propelling your life into unlimited opportunities! You may already be enrolled in college or still searching for your fit. Whatever the case, you have questions, need information, or even need advice as you struggle with challenges on academics, campus life, or finances. Read More

Continuing with confidence What are you waiting for? You have one degree in hand; why not advance your skill sets with more knowledge and experience? After all, knowledge is a powerful tool that can open even bigger doors to your future. You can do this by completing a master’s, professional, or Ph. D. degree. Read on, and Ask Amaryllis, she knows. Read More
Balancing school & life Are you 24 or older? Never been to college? But still have college credits, perhaps an associate’s degree, and want to continue your education to enhance your career and personal life? Give yourself a chance to take the nontraditional student (adult learner) pathway and complete a bachelor’s degree to achieve new knowledge and gain new skills sets. Just Ask Amaryllis ….. she knows. Read More
Finding new ways Technology is changing the way we learn, the way we communicate and the way we give and receive information. Seventy-seven percent of academic leaders rate learning outcomes in online education as the same or superior to face-to-face education. What are you waiting for? Explore what’s out there and determine if online education is for your learning needs and your lifestyle. Read More

Ask Amaryllis is a guide through college no matter where you are in your college career: high school student exploring college choices, undergraduate, graduate, or non-traditional adult learner. Ask Amaryllis has placed everything you need to be successful in college in one place; it is a comprehensive online college resource. We like to consider Ask Amaryllis a “one stop shop” for your college needs. Your Guide Through College!

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